What Tiles Are Best For Bathroom Floors
What Tiles Are Best For Bathroom Floors?
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Tiles often serve not only as decoration but also as covering and protection.

Bathrooms are the sanctuaries of every home. That is why bathrooms should also provide relaxation and comfort. These tiles have different textures, designs and features. Whatever your ideal bathroom floors, there is a tile for you out there!

Porcelain Tiles and Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain tiles are versatile. These tiles are not hard to maintain because they offer great stain and water resistance. As a result these tiles are easy to clean. Relieve yourself from the daily hustle by getting these hassle free tiles!

Concrete Tiles

Have you ever experienced slipping inside a bathroom? Concrete tiles are solution to that problem. These tiles offer resistance to stain and water. At the same time its surface creates more friction which prevents us from slipping. No more disasters in the bathroom again!

Stone Tiles

Believe it or not stone tiles are actually perfect for bathrooms! They are durable and they make cold morning showers more bearable. Stone tiles are natural heat conductors. Be careful though, you might find yourselves lying on the floor soon.