How to cool down this summer with this tiles
How To Cool Down This Summer Using Tiles
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The summer heat is beating down on us once again. It’s time to hit the beach! It’s time to dive into the cool water. But some may prefer to dwell in the comfort of their homes. Survive summer without having to sacrifice too much of your money with this easy tip for commercial residential tiling.

When the heat becomes to unbearable to bear some take the easy way out by turning the air conditioner on. That’s not the healthiest choice and it also costs a lot. Choosing the kind of tiles to use for your commercial or residential space will help in the long run! First we need to understand how tiles work. Every tile possesses something called heat conductivity. These tiles conduct heat depending on their composition. This is why carpet tiles are not ideal to use at home during summer. Carpet tiles absorb and retain heat which could increase the room temperature. This is why purchasing tiles for commercial residential tiling should also consider the weather conditions of the place. Check out these different types of tiles to suit your daily household needs. You don’t have to endure the heat!

Natural Stone Tile

  1. Brave: Natural Stone

The natural stone tile collection from Tile Gallery is durable and practical to use for every kind of space. The stone effect from the tiles makes the design a classic. These tiles are also durable and easy to maintain. These tiles can make you feel closer to nature.




Porcelain Tile

  1. Trust: Stone Tile

These porcelain tiles have the strength of quarry stones. These tiles are ideal for outdoor or indoor use in commercial residential tiling. The rich details on the tiles are eye-catching. These tiles are perfect for every home or space that desires another breezy day.




How to cool down this summer with this tiles

  1.   Marvel: Porcelain Ceramic Tile

The marble look of these porcelain tiles are timeless. These porcelain ceramic tiles remain cool to the touch even against the heat. You might be surprised to find yourself spending time on the floor instead!